Infrastructure Technology

Are you wired for speed?

Your communications network is only as good as the cabling and optical fibres it runs on. A solid foundation for your unified system means years of high-functioning and reliable, worry-free voice, data, and storage capabilities for your network. Modernized communications infrastructure technology increase your agility, support the ever-growing demand for in-network based applications, and optimized network-related costs. You need a converged network that facilitates the latest in security, communication, and computing, and building automation.


Empire’s certified professionals will ensure a properly designed, installed, and fully-supported infrastructure capable of handling cutting-edge communication technologies as they roll out. As a matter of fact, our guaranteed cabling and fiber optic services will give your system the infrastructure technology it needs to keep your business connected and secure through five generations of equipment upgrades. Our technology provides you with the 10G bandwidth that next-generation wireless access points and advanced A/V systems require, while maintaining the highest levels of Power over Ethernet (PoE) possible. Cabling installed by Empire’s infrastructure specialists are backed by manufacturers’ warranties and 24/7 technical support is available on all infrastructure we design and install.