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Collaboration Spaces: Better together.


Two heads are better than one as the saying goes. And so it is with today’s business trend of collaboration spaces where your staff – remote and in-house – can brainstorm and problem solve to their heart’s content. These technology-rich rooms foster productive exchanges where your business can literally be transformed.

Collaboration Rooms feature:

Interactive Displays  |  Writeable Walls  |  Video Conferencing Capability  | Wired & Wireless Connections   |  Cloud-based Content Sharing Capability

Interactive Displays

From classroom to boardroom, these touchscreen displays provide the dynamic interaction that brings learning & collaboration to life.

Our interactive displays offer key features such as:

The ability to access and manipulate data and analyze results in real time  |  Multi-touch functionality  |  Dry erase writing  |  Award winning  software  |  Full HD display  |  Open source platform  |  Bluetooth connection to devices  |  Real time quizzes, polls, and activities with data collection  |  Presentations and lectures that feature dynamic and interactive content  |  Livestream & video chat |  Connection to internet and cloud


Business Applications

Take communication to the next level with interactive displays that bring your presentations, conference calls and meetings into the 21st century. Your next presentation or meeting agenda won’t just be a powerpoint. These displays offer a wide range of options for taking content and data, and making them dynamic. Host meetings and conference calls on the big screen with video chat technology that brings your company and/or clients together.

Education Applications

Interactive displays give students the ability to see, touch, and hear everything they are learning. Real-time quizzes and activities keep students engaged, and give instructors the ability to gauge classroom attendance and learning retention. Use bluetooth connection with learning devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, iPads, and laptops. These displays can be used for whole class, small group, or individual instruction, and are ideal for preschool, K-12, and university environments.

Digital Signage

Maximize your advertising ROI with versatile, eye-catching digital displays that deliver targeted messages that are easily changed or modified from a single personal computer. Hotel lobbies, employee break areas, hospital waiting rooms, restaurant menu boards are all ideal locations to speak to your audience and engage them with valuable, up-to-date information. Digital signage equipment and software from Empire keeps your audience informed and engaged with:

Animated messaging
Signs adapted for context and audience as needed
Messages updated from an office computer

Animated messaging

Signs adapted for context and audience as needed

Messages updated from an office computer

Empire’s certified specialists and years of experience in A/V ensure that your information will remain fresh and relevant, and reach your audience effectively all at a competitive price. Contact the A/V experts at Empire and start getting more out of your advertising/PR budget.

Video Walls

Larger than life.

These dynamic, awe-inspiring video walls transform your environment.  High definition, LCD displays are networked together to create exceptional customer experiences while providing you with easy, updatable content options. From 2 displays to 30, Empire can help you create a digital environment that’s best-in-class.

Video at Any Scale

Your custom video wall is truly a unique feature designed just for you. Do you want touchscreen interactive capability? No problem. Perhaps you require a remote monitoring solution. Our team of experts works with you to evaluate your particular needs and design the ideal display. How might you use a video wall?

Enhance Learning



Student Centers


Ensure Security

Monitoring Centers



Travel Centers

Provide Entertainment

Waiting Areas

Tourist Venues


Expo Halls

Promote Business

Lobby Areas

Conference Areas

Outdoor Advertising

Retail Promo Areas


Mirror Displays  |  Stretch Displays  |  Menu Boards – Indoor & Outdoor  |  Kiosks  |  Directories