Infrastructure Solutions

Structured Cabling


In today’s rapidly changing environment, it is mission critical that you partner with a communications industry leader who understands the unique requirements necessary to design a networking solution from the inside out. Literally.

Empire’s certified specialists understand the growing demands that the convergence of voice, video, storage, & data all on the same wire, at the same time, have on your network. We will assess your current cabling and network structure, evaluate your business needs, and design a unique system with your future growth in mind. Whether it’s Fiber, CAT 6A or CAT 6 Empire can enhance your infrastructure to perform at top-speed and efficiency.

Fiber Optics 

Voice & Data at the speed of light!

Are you planning a new construction or are you ready to update your cabling structure to accommodate your modern data needs? We know that in order to compete in today’s market, you need secure access to data that efficiently and reliably operates on your network.

Fiber optic networking is the industry standard for high-speed data transfer. With fiber optics, you’ll see monumental gains in speed and efficiency. Fiberoptic cable allows you to transmit more data with greater fidelity over longer distances. Not to mention, fiber optics provide increased security, and the resistance to electrical interference is much higher than traditional copper cabling.


Our experts can help you determine what fiber is right for your business or organization:


Our experts can help you determine what fiber is right for your business or organization:

Multi-mode fiber for

OM1, OM2, OM3-10gig, & OM4-40gig

Single-mode fiber

OS1 & OS2


Our fiber-optic services include:

Emergency Repair

OTDR Testing

Fusion Splicing

Data Center Infrastructure

Campus Backbone

Connect multiple locations on one robust network.

Campus environments are more common in today’s business community. We know what it takes to ensure that your multi-site organization has the powerful, reliable cabling infrastructure designed for your unique needs. Empire’s team of experts will create an optimized local area network that will handle your long-term bandwidth needs so you are well-positioned for tomorrow’s technology requirements. A campus backbone system designed by Empire can connect all of your networks to keep information and communication flowing smoothly among your various geographic locations.

Campus backbone networking solutions are perfect for multi-site organizations like:

Colleges & Universities, Hospitals & Medical Facilities, School Districts and Hotels & Resorts