Smart Solutions for Smart Schools

Benjamin Franklin said that, “Any investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We agree. That’s why we provide the best technology solutions that meet your school’s unique needs. Our goal is to provide the infrastructure, AV, voice, data, and security solutions that allow you to focus on what you do best— teaching the next generation of leaders, thinkers, doers, and makers.

From K-12 schools to universities and colleges, Empire helps educators collaborate and communicate in secure environments that promote effective learning. Are you a COSTARS member? We are a COSTARS provider, so you can skip the frustrating and time-consuming bid process to purchase your AV and Security solutions directly from Empire.

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Be Connected.

For school districts and higher education institutions, communication is more than a mere phone system. Its how you connect. In all ways.

Enable collaboration within and beyond the classroom by securely connecting with colleagues and students. Rapidly disseminate information when emergencies arise. Empire experts will provide the unique unified communications solution you need.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness with:







 Be Interactive.

Educators know student engagement is a key component to learning. Research shows that the use of Interactive Displays increases student engagement rates and promotes effective teaching across various modalities.

Our Interactive Displays from Promethean provide next-gen technology so that today’s learners are prepared for tomorrow. Designed by teachers, for teachers, these units feature: 


Fast power up and advanced computing power


Intuitive user interface


Natural writing experience


Live annotation over lesson materials


Utilize educational and productivity based apps from Google Play Store


Bluetooth connectivity (Wirelessly screen share student devices? You bet!)


Integrated Wi-Fi so you can teach from anywhere in the classroom

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Plus, educators can take advantage of ActivInspire® and ClassFlow® to access countless lesson materials.

Plus, educators can take advantage of ActivInspire and ClassFlow to access countless lesson materials.


Be Safe.

Keep your students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe with the latest Door Access, Surveillance Cameras, and Video Management Software. These days, schools and universities aren’t wondering IF they need surveillance cameras and high-tech door access controls. They are wondering WHAT equipment and management system will meet their needs and their budget.

Empire will provide the Right Solution and be the Right Partner every step of the way. 

Door Access


No more heavy keyrings!

Keyrings are so old school. Cards, key fobs, mobile phones and thumbprints are better. We can integrate your door access control along with other campus services such as library systems, and cashless vending- all on one credential.


Differentiate your space

Individually program your facility spaces to differentiate between classrooms, sporting event areas, and office space.


Handle emergencies with ease

Quickly lockdown your entire facility or only specific areas or even just a room. Get rapid, real-time response the way you need it.

Surveillance Cameras

Get high resolution images in any light.

Protect your students, staff, and facility with an efficient, reliable security system from Empire that helps even the smallest security team combat anything from serious risks to bullying, vandalism and theft. Easily investigate incidents and identify suspects with remote-accessible, superior video quality 24/7.

Maintain full situational awareness in real time

Have a clear view of what is happening anywhere, anytime with full-motion video delivered to your mobile device. Weather-proof and tamper-proof surveillance cameras let you see what is happening everywhere indoors and outdoors. Automatic alerts help you maintain maximum security around the clock.

See how Axis cameras capture color images in the dark!

Video Management

We believe that schools should be safe for everyone and that managing your  video surveillane system should be simple. That’s why you’ll discover our solutions have features such as:


Easy, intuitive user experience

Remote access to live video 24/7

Mobile app


Scalable system that grows with you

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Is your infrastructure Old School or Cool?

Optimize your educational facility’s technology from walls out! Updating your schools’ communication infrastructure technology increase your ability to support the ever-growing demand for in-network based applications, and affordable network-related costs. We provide a converged network that facilitates the latest in security, communication, computing, and building automation.

Guaranteed Success

Our guaranteed cabling and fiber optic services will give your system the infrastructure technology it needs to keep your school connected and secure through five generations of equipment upgrades. Empire’s technology provides you with the 10G bandwidth that next-generation wireless access points and advanced A/V systems require. All while maintaining the highest levels of Power over Ethernet (PoE) possible. Cabling designed and installed by our infrastructure specialists is backed by manufacturers’ warranties and 24/7 technical support.

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Aquire, access, store, and secure your information.

Whether you’re a k-12 or higher education institution, your data is essential to your organization’s efficiency and success. Optimize your school with the flexibility, speed, and security of a data network from Empire. Our integrated systems are simple, streamlined, and efficient, keeping your organization responsive and competitive. We provide 24/7 on-call technical assistance, so after installation you have the support you need.

Wireless Solutions

As an educational institution, you handle a lot of sensitive, confidential information. As the number of devices needing to connect to your network increases, finding a wireless solution can be difficult. Our certified staff evaluate your needs and can offer scalable, resilient wireless networks that can incorporate both indoor and outdoor access points. Get wired-like performance and predictability with our wireless LAN solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Get a single secure, accessible cloud solution when you work with the experts at Empire. Most schools are operating with a blend of multiple cloud solutions, which can be difficult and inefficient to manage. Our integrated cloud solutions are an open-architecture platform that provides both compatibility and interoperability, reducing your IT overhead. Replace your aging infrastructure and experience boundless communication.

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