Your organization relies on a variety of communication methods to do business. Empire can offer you an integrated system that will streamline your internal and external communications. Unified communications (UC) reduce costs and improve efficiency by consolidating all of your communication services into one system. Empire can design a unified system that allows your business to be dynamic and more responsive by combining real-time services with traditional communication methods in a cost effective way. Your employees and customers can access a range of services using a single interface with multiple devices.

UC-enabling technologies provide a streamlined system for:

> Instant messaging (IM)
Connect your staff and customers in real time with text-based
chats and video calling.

> Presence information
Know who is available for communication, anywhere, anytime, to enhance responsiveness, reduce "phone tag," and increase productivity.
> IT Telephony
Use your IP network to speed communication traffic.
> Video conferencing
Save time and travel costs by bringing people and data together digitally.
>Mobile communication and data sharing
Stay connected to people and data easily and securely no matter where they are.
> Unified messaging
Integrate your voicemail, email, SMS (short messaging system),
and fax into one system.

Experience Your Can Trust

The staff at Empire has over 100 years of combined experience designing, installing, and servicing communications systems that keep businesses running with maximum efficiency, allowing them to gain a competitive edge. Contact an Empire unified communications expert to show you how to leverage UC-enabling technologies to take your business to the next level.