Reach your customers and clients in a consistent, reliable, and professional manner using inbound and outbound interactive voice response systems (IVR). Free your staff from routine and repetitive communications so they can spend their time and talents more productively. Give customers the standard information they need when they need it, day or night, with automated welcoming information options. Investing in an IVR system will allow you to save personnel costs and provide more efficient customer service.

Employing IVR applications allows your business to:

> Provide routine reminders and confirm appointments
without monopolizing staff time

> Conduct market research and post-sale evaluations
> Provide consistent schedule information
> Give customers access to their account information 24/7

Empire's team of voice and data specialists can design and implement a mobile solution that's The experts at Empire can design and install an interface to IVR applications that will help you present a professional image, improve customer service, and keep your personnel costs low. Contact Empire's team of specialists to see how our IVR interface can help you make the best use of your human resources.