Visuals that are clear, vibrant, and dynamic turn competent presentations into memorable, multi-sensory experiences. From data charts to video, Empire's video projection capabilities will make any presentation impossible to ignore and easier to understand. We take the worry out of presentations with easy to use integrated controls that operate audio, video, and lighting from a single touch-screen, making your presentations seamless and engaging.

Empire can help you bring your presentations to life in

> Office conference rooms
> Conference centers and auditoriums
> Worship centers
> Schools
> Hospital operating theaters
> Medical teaching centers

We Won't Leave You in the Dark

With a lifetime of experience in audio/visual technologies, our specialists will design and install video projection tools that are right for your presentations. Our training and available24/7 support will give you the confidence you need to integrate the lasting impressions of visuals into your presentations without being distracted from your message.

Contact Empire's A/V team to learn more.